Thursday, August 1, 2013

And now for something completely different....

I think I've mentioned before that I wanted to try my hand at refinishing furniture. Here's my first project...

I spotted it at "Stuff and Things" in downtown Ridge Spring yesterday on our way back from lunch. The store isn't open on Wednesdays so I sent my husband hurrying down there this morning to buy it before it slipped away! It has a lovely shape! My initial plan is to strip the white paint off of it. The current paint is very sticky. I'm not sure why. I'll take some in progress photos as I go! A very dear friend offered me an antique bedroom suite and I said I'd pick it up this weekend. I have absolutely no place to put it but off I go! I'll show some photos of it also. I may end up painting it with chalk paint! I look forward to trying that for the first time.

In other news, the SC Department of Transportation surprised us and removed one of the dying trees from the edge of the property for us. We were figuring we were going to be out of pocket at least $500.00 to get this dying Live Oak down. They saved us the trouble!

Now we just need to have the stump ground down. It will be nice to finally not have to worry about the limbs falling out of this tree during a storm. It's been a worry since we bought the place!

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