Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Just a short update today. Our one really bad chimney was finished up yesterday and the cap was put into place!

Isn't it pretty??

And look! A proper cap!
The masons were nice enough to place the cap and seal with tar. We will be able to remove it in the future should we decide to open the fireplaces. Now to wait for another two or three good rain storms to ensure we've actually fixed all the issues. Then we'll be tearing out carpet, replacing all damaged flooring, and deciding whether to put in carpet or try for hardwood flooring. We were going to have the other chimney repaired next, but the masons decided that they had underbid the project and wanted double for the other chimney. It's not currently leaking so we're going to give it a month or two before we call in other masons to bid the job. If we decide to stick with these guys, we'll order another cap and have them cap it too. We're hoping to be able to sell at least one of the two homes we currently have on the market before we do any other major renovations.

The last three Wednesdays we've been unable to do any research for various reasons, but we hope to be able to continue that soon. I'd love to make a trip to Columbia to go through their files too! So, until next time....

Chief says hello to the Yon cows...

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