Monday, September 30, 2013

We're still here!

I apologize for my total lack of posts recently. I have no real excuse other than we've been busy with projects but nothing incredibly noteworthy. We finally got the garage door finished! YAY! This is a shot during the project. It really did not take all that long once we really got rolling...

The most interesting part of the installation for me was figuring out how we were going to attach those big old springs that allow the door to roll up! Vince's solution involved some ratchet straps and some praying on my part!! Once the door was on, we started shifting stuff around so that Vince could actually use it as a place to work on our cars and we also needed a place to store at least one of our classic Mustangs. In this case, our beloved 1973 Mustang Mach 1 "Jaws".

After moving some stuff around and throwing some stuff away, we managed to make room for some of our cabinets and started organizing tools. We still need to rearrange the left side of the garage and move things around so that the refrigerator sits flush against the wall rather than hogging up space in front of our chest freezer. Here's a photo after some cleaning....
Pardon Hobbes. He decided he needed to supervise!

Wow! The Mach 1 fits right in! Now to make some room so that we can easily walk around the car while we work!

A cleaned up cement pad and a view of the new door. Now to work on the siding back here that needs to be replaced and those walk-through doors that need to be replaced, and the pressboard there that needs replacing and oh! Did I mention that sway up there on the roof that needs attending to? 

Our current issue is building another two "cat pens" so that a few of our resident felines can comfortably hang out outside without dangers from dogs or cars...or just plain getting lost! Once construction starts on those, I'll post photos to show how we do it! 

Until next time from "The Ridge"! 
Jade says "Later!!"