Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's been a furniture kind of week....

My husband was able to score the white dresser for me from the store downtown! YAY!

Here's an up-close view of that paint. When I say it was sticky, flies were landing on it and getting stuck to the surface. It smelled horrible too. Kind of smoky and disused. Sooo......
I busted out the orange smelling paint stripper and got to work on it!

Underneath the paint, lovely wood! The paint just lifted right off.

I've managed to partially strip one drawer and I have lots more to go. I've mentioned my lack of time issue before right??
In other exciting news, a friend of mine said she had an entire antique bedroom suite that I could have...for free!! WOOHOO! That's my kind of price! Of course, she mentioned it needed work and may just need to be thrown away. Well, not before I give it my all! So Vince and I ran over to her house on Saturday on our way to our weekend job (oh yes, we work two jobs!) and picked up the furniture. I love it! Yes, it is damaged but I'm going to try to either restore it or paint it up lovely! Pardon the dirt. These photos are before I lay hands on them even to just clean the dust off!

The headboard and foot board. Definitely a twin sized set. You can see some of the damage there where the veneer has pulled off.

The foot board has such a lovely curve to it. Just very elegant.

The chifforobe. Pardon the lighting! This piece is about 5 feet high.

This is the inside. Definitely needs a good cleaning and then we'll see to the condition. All of these pieces have little wooden wheels on the feet. I'm guessing they date from the 1910's-1930's.

This vanity is probably my favorite piece. It has it's original triple mirror (not pictured). I have all the drawers (sitting to the left there) and the little piece of wood from the front leg is laying on top. I even have all of the original hardware!

This is after my initial cleaning. I re-glued the veneer there in the middle (no, this isn't an Anne Sloan ad...although it could be!) and re-glued the little wood piece on the leg plus cleaned the first four layers of dust and dirt off. I'll give it at least two more baths then start to recondition the wood.
Yes, I've got a ton of work ahead of me...oh, did I mention that the room these pieces are stored in is the main parlor of my house and they have to be moved out ASAP so I can put down new carpet before Thanksgiving? Yeah, well, I think I need another week of vacation! I need to locate my wood glue...and the clamps...and ask Vince in my sweetest voice to help me cut 2x4's to size to hold peeling veneer on....
Is it the weekend yet?
Happy Tuesday from Ridge Spring!



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