Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Still alive and kickin'!

Yes, it's been almost a year. I am SO SORRY! It has been an interesting (well, not really) few months. We've had a job situation change that halted almost all work on the house except for little jobs we could do ourselves, our niece has moved in with us, we've been poking at the Guest House, we've still got the two houses up for sale, and no end in sight with those. We've had a snow storm, and ice storm, and an earthquake. It's been a very hectic few months! Three yards to take care of, three houses to upkeep, plus the job change...and not for the better. However, we will persevere!

On New Year Day, I decided that my goal would be that we would begin work on the Guest House. So, on that day, I drove the Ranger out there and started cleaning out all the junk left from previous owners. It was full of random trash, old carpet bits, and old furniture. In the end, I believe we hauled off 3 truckloads of trash from this little place. There was actually a garbage can full of who knows what in the living room! Beer bottles, cans, just random trash! Even an old TV dumped on the floor.

The furniture was very 1960's and not my style at all! Let me introduce you to the world's ugliest couch cushion....

Old (UGLY) yellow 1960's carpet pulled back to reveal original heart of pine wood floors.

Once the carpet was completely ripped out and the floor swept, this is what that floor looked like...

Stunning, isn't it?? Once I've removed the eleventy billion little carpet staples and it's been sanded and lacquered, it'll shine so beautifully! You can see the hideous carpet and padding back there in the corner. Vince had to help me haul it out! Yes, the walls really are that hideous green. There was apparently a sale on this particular color of AWFUL and lots of home owners in the area bought it...at least that's what I've heard!

The original woodwork is still there...covered in lead-based awful....

Once I can pull it down (probably when we rip out the drywall), it'll get a well deserved sanding and maybe a light stain....or maybe just lacquered to blend with the floor.

After the first week, I was so proud of my progress!!! This is the parlor/living room...

Yes, I will discuss that bricked up fireplace....just not right now. I'm still angry about it. What I love about this little house is that in my mind, I can already see it done. Bright white walls in the room with a built-in bookcase beside the fireplace, a bow-front buffet there were that one is currently sitting. Maybe a painting hanging over it. White lace curtains on these tall windows this little place is blessed with. The fireplace open...not for a functioning fireplace, but enough to place a few candles in. A flat screen TV mounted over the mantle. Yep, it's ALLLL planned out on Pinterest! HAHAHA!

My supervisor while I work....

Yes, Hobbes is "helping"...in that way that Hobbes helps!

Well, that will give you just a little taste of what's been happening! I have lots more posts planned, so stay tuned! 

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